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Well, what do ya know?…

String Arcade Cover Art image
BJB Photo Credit image

Last summer while working as a production assistant for DoF Media down in San Fracisco, one of the gigs I worked on was the filming of a symphonic recording session in a fairly well designed Presbyterian church. The occasion was to produce media for the Kickstarter campaign of the recently released “String Arcade”, a collection of video-game themes performed by a string-quartet. Throughout this particular session I had snapped some photos of the performance, and the cool thing is that one image was picked to be used in the liner notes with a credit to you know who. Sweeeet. Check out the project if you need some reading tunes or some throwback dinner music perhaps… or just listen and give something your full attention, you multi-tasking maniac.

Stream it for free from Bandcamp: The String Arcade

Portland in San Francisco

and now this:

This decent band from Portland recently toured to San Francisco to play in the lobby of the Wells Fargo there in town. They just released a record up here, and the Wells Fargo track is a number off of that. The cover art features a pietà, a multi-dimensional choice. Listen to the album version then watch the mint performance. Pretty cool performance in the shadow of bank security.

click and listen to this first yo –> Prescription Pills – Zoneless


It’s hard to find a better example of type becoming art than on album design.
Think about you favorite bands logo?

Isn’t it crazy how the font and lettering are so ingrained in your brain? Like Pink Floyd smattered across cold white brick. If you’re still reading here’s a link to typography and the art of album design coming together for the past 50 years. Good stuff indeed.

50 years of typography in album art

Ram On

I was introduced to the LP “Ram” in the autumn of 2000.  I remember it well.  I remember the house and the couch and the company, all like it was a small chapter in a book- written to develop a character in an early chapter.  Paul McCartney’s second album after the disintegration of those Beatles, known simply as Ram, remains linked to some of the most cherished memories of my story. There’s a difficult question that often is swept over in circles of friends at times of merriment from time to time, and that is the question of one’s favorite album.  There’s never a definitive answer, more like a top 5 list really, quickly spatted out as one leans against a refrigerator with a have empty beer bottle in one hand.  In times like this Ram always makes my list.

Apparently I’m not the only one who holds this work of songs in high regard.  Last night at the DougFir Lounge here in Portland a chap named Dave Depper and a backing band performed the entire album straight through.  It was surely a pleasure.  Depper a multi-talented instrumentalist here in Portland took to recording the album in his bedroom for amusement in the spring of 2010, and last night was the party for the release of the project.  (A local record label heard the final product and actually decided to put it out – cd’s and LP’s available now)  Strange thing to do I suppose, but to those out there raising an eyebrow – as I did briefly – consider it an homage to a bit of music that burrows its way to the depths and finds a happy home within the soul, and there can be nothing wrong with blasting those tunes with a full backing band out to a surprisingly packed dance floor full of friendly-wolves hungry for those tones of Ram.  Good showing indeed.

Jackpot Records – The Ram Project

The future meets the past.

There’s a good chance this is what my next EP will look like. Is it strange to design record covers before recording the tunes? oh well. Anyhoo, this was my final project for the course ‘History of Modern Design’… it’s an homage to the late, great designer Saul Bass.