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A Tired Joke

What is the difference between a poorly dressed man on a bicycle and a nicely dressed man on a bicycle?


Finally! An air-horn for bikes!

My buddy and I were just joking about having one of these the other day. Sometimes a simple bike-bell just doesn’t seem enough… so wouldn’t it be great to have an air-horn mounted on your bike to make people aware of your presence on busy city streets? This one from BioLogic delivers up to 115 decibels of sound with adjustable volume! It’s ‘rechargeable’ with a regular bike pump, and you can get 30 – 50 blasts per ‘charge’. Want one? $35 and it’s yours. Check out the video before you buy: the compressed air canister makes the product clunky, but if safety is your top priority (as it should be) then this will offer some peace-of-mind. Make your presence known out there my 2-wheeled friends.

(video included after the click)