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A Celebratory Notation for Notated Celebrations #5

This is tradition! Another year gone and started. By now if I had your mailing address then you have received this Canned Butter annual composition and hopefully read it and passed it along to all of your friends. If not then please peruse this year’s letter, and if you’d like to receive something of substance for once in your letter-box then email me your house’s digits, yo. Above all… enjoy.


A Celebratory Notation For Notated Celebrations

So. Every year I pen a letter to end last year and start a new anew – Along with this letter I address a LOT of envelopes and attach a LOT of stamps. I should probably find a loop-hole and write off this expense on my taxes as my list of addresses has prospered with the passing of time. This year I bring my words to ‘CannedButter’ for the whole world’s consumption. Without further ado, I give you:
‘A Celebratory Notation For Notated Celebration #3’
Try to enjoy…

A Celebratory Notation For Notated Celebration III