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Sleep When You Die #23 ā€“ Granada, Spain

Sleep When You Die #23 - Alhambra Castle image
Sleep When You Die #23 - Alhambra Castle image
Sleep When You Die #23 - Alhambra Castle image
Sleep When You Die #23 - Alhambra Castle image
Sleep When You Die #23 - Alhambra Castle image
Sleep When You Die #23 - Alhambra Castle image

The Granada expedition requires two entries because it was just such a brilliant morning.

After the arduous ascent that I was not entirely prepared for in the early morning hours, I reached the Alhambra gates at 8:40am to find that there was quite a queue already started since the 8:30 opening. Weary with nothing better to do I joined this queue to practice that ever precious virtue, patience. The queue moved slow. Very slow. At 9am I had moved probably a mere 20 paces closer to admission when an announcement come over the P.A. first in Espanol and then English, “The tickets for the Palacio Nueva have sold out for the day. However, you may still purchase admission to the gardens.” There was a collective deflative “umph” from the queued crowd and some people instantly packed it in and headed out. I was rather exhausted and the prospect of walking back to town was not as attractive as simply hunkering down for a bit in a sort of standing repose.

The queue crawled on, and I had pulled out my sketch pad and was putting more time towards an El Greco from El Prado when I was approached by an middle-aged woman along with a her younger colleague. After over-coming the routine language barrier, I came to understand that these two women had an extra ticket to the very recently sold-out palace! They explained that they had booked their admissions 5 months prior, and the third person in their party could not be present. Wow.

Turns out, these two fabulous ladies were in Granada for the weekend to lecture at the local university as they were both doctorates of Philosophy. I made friends with them quickly needless to say, and I ended up spending an entire tour of the castle with these angels. It was a truly amazing stroke of fortune… like Athena herself intervened. That is how patience and I received entrance to one of the most epic displays of geometric pattern-design I will ever witness.

Sleep when you die!

Prince has left the building.

Prince Tribute image

A strange and horrible number of rocknroll greats are leaving us. Who will take up the reigns and continue the story? Put down your phone and learn to play guitar already, damn it.

Can’t decide which one I feel like…

I quit my job gif

this guy or little girl… I quit my design/development job recently and today was my last day. I was there almost exactly a year to the day. I feels good to walk away from something that is not right, but then there is the unknown to deal with. Can’t tell if I should celebrate or knock myself out. Tomorrow I’m on the rebound.

Stop it already.

Worry is a waste of the imagination. image

I suppose it’s your life… and you’re going to do what you want.

I suppose you want to worry and you want to waste your mind.

The Day After…

Choose Love Daily image

Let’s all make good conscious decisions from here on out.

Good ol’ VD

A Bit of Valentine's Day Calligraphy image

Awwww – I had a reason to do some chasing this Valentine’s Day. I tell ya, there’s nothing like a bit of good ol’ inspirado.

Every year on the 14th day of February LOVE gets its DAY! As if during the rest of the days we throw LOVE on a back-burner. What if there was a day in our calendar called “Fear Day?” And every year on Fear Day everyone everywhere in association with Hallmark Corporation lived a day in rocognition of… FEAR. Would we throw fear on a back-burner for the rest of the year? Wouldn’t that be something!

The Artisan Cup

The Artisan Cup Tree image
Trees and Herman Hesse image

The epic Bonsai tournament was this weekend at the Portland Art Museum. Christopher Guest could have easily gone this direction rather than the canine direction for his film, “Best in Show.” It was an interesting scene to say the least. A large room filled with 40 manicured mini-trees. I want a Bonsai to cultivate and shape! The more interesting works were the ones that brought forth the essence of what the craft entails: the improvement of natural beauty using the tools of composition, scale, contrast, and balance.

As unharmonious it will come off as, the thing that astounds me about us humans is how our natural sense of observation is inclined towards getting as close to something as possible to see it. As if being able to observe each individual leaf or needle of a branch will bring us closer to seeing the essence. Much like a Van Gogh or a Monet, the art of Bonsai is best observed at a slight distance, taking in the entirety of the plant. Therein lies the better chance to grasp the horticulturist’s intentions.

Paying the bills.

New GTS Logo image
Former GTS Logo image

One of my first assignments as the in-house designer at my new gig was to rebrand the company to inject new spirit into an organization in need of some fresh air. The original logomark as you can see incorporated a triangle motif along with the quintessential corporate blue colour scheme. The new logo I created positions the company to move beyond the glass industry as a point-of-sales provider. This intent is conveyed by the usage of a credit-card projecting towards the future while the triangular shape gives a nod to the past. I also freshened up the color pallet while softening the typeface by tweaking good ol’ Helvetica. People around the office seem to like it, and this has beneficial effects on the outcome! Next task is website work. Onward ho!

The Black Squirrel has gone live!
Micky Subpage YouTube image

I just completed this website! Woohoo! Micky’s a great mate from my hometown who does it all in the craft of music. Performs, writes, records, teaches… and he’s a family man. My hat off to him. He wanted a simply website to be a gateway to his various endeavors in reality and cyberspace so with an efficient amount of collaboration we harmonized this bit of computer-code:

In order to maintain the simplicity I kept the “bells & whistles” out of sight for the most part. This includes an ever-present “hamburger” drop-down navigation and SoundCloud / YouTube feeds that are activated by buttons on the left in the sub-pages. Behind the scenes is a well developed thing called Roots to work the WordPress and Less compiled Bootstrap bliss to handle the aesthetics. RocknRoll.

Think before you leap.

Albert Einstein image

If I had an hour to solve a problem, Iā€™d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

– Albert Einstein