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We’re going to have some explaining to do…

The North Pole is Melting image

Think about this: By 2040 ships will be sailing over the North Pole and a timeless tale will sadly need to evolve.

Scientist Peter Wadhams suggests that the summers of 2017 and 2018 will actually see ice-free periods in the artic! Full article here: The Guardian article.

Perhaps by this time in the relatively near future when the North Pole is finally melted away and sea levels have risen, the profit driven powers of the world will recognize the damage that has been done. Ugh. Merry Christmas

Can’t decide which one I feel like…

I quit my job gif

this guy or little girl… I quit my design/development job recently and today was my last day. I was there almost exactly a year to the day. I feels good to walk away from something that is not right, but then there is the unknown to deal with. Can’t tell if I should celebrate or knock myself out. Tomorrow I’m on the rebound.

Stop it already.

Worry is a waste of the imagination. image

I suppose it’s your life… and you’re going to do what you want.

I suppose you want to worry and you want to waste your mind.

The Day After…

Choose Love Daily image

Let’s all make good conscious decisions from here on out.

Nothing like a good nick.

Roosevelt via Lebowitz

This is a good take on Eleanor Roosevelt’s famous wisdom or opinion… which ever you prefer. If you don’t know the quote… Google it of course, but drop the small talk bit : )

The Decline

The Decline of Western Civilization image

I came across this “philosophy” today on the ol’internets, and all I could think was: I wonder how the world will look in 100 years? Well, there’s definitely going to be a lot less Caucasians running about mucking things up.

A Good Laugh or Cry

If you don’t know Bill Hicks, then allow me to introduce the two of you:

Tea Time Problem… Solved

Samir Sufi's Teacup SlingsHot

Now here is a product that I’ve been dreaming of designing for a long time. Similar to many out there, every time my tea is ready to go I always find myself doing the spoon squeeze for my Earl Grey peace of mind. I also have seen a silicon gripper that sort of resembles a miniature hot mitt for use in literally grabbing the tea bag for a squeeze. However this product, the tea cup slingsHot, seems to solve the problem nicely by integrating the desired action into the cup itself. Brilliant! So simple. The cup design looks fairly elegant as well, and I’m sure that’ll improve as well as hopefully the product gains popularity. I’d love to get my hand around one of these this morning.

It doesn’t look like these are available for purchase yet,but check out the original post at YankoDesign

Uncle Walter would say, “I told you so.”

Mermaid Skeleton Photo

My great-uncle Walter (RIP) used to tell this tale:

At the age of 9 (I believe the year was 1916) he and his family left the homelands of Poland for a brighter future in America. The journey across the Atlantic was by ship, and during this voyage while wandering the deck alone, a mermaid appeared to him down below in the water. Not much transpired other than him getting a wave from the maid and an eyeful of feminine goodness… the way he said “breasts” still resonates in my ears. Anyhoo- this photo proves it all! Raise a PBR to Walter and the mermaid!

Photo via Weird Tales Magazine

A step on the right direction.

Phone Neuter Comic image

To help control the moron population, please have your zombie spayed or neutered.