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Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 - Uncle Fester image
Halloween 2016 - Uncle Fester Costume image

It was an Addam’s Family Halloween this year! I was invited to a themed-party and upon hearing there was yet to be an Uncle Fester rsvp, I replied saying I’d give it a go. I’ll tell you this: A bald cap is a tough endeavor. I had no choice but to get a haircut following the party due to the spirit gum sticky-shit that holds the baldness in place. What hell. I’m sure it’ll be easier next time if I ever go for the cue ball look again, but this first time was no joy ride. I wrapped my self in bubble wrap to buld up a bit as well. I’m pleased to report that the party was a a bash and my costume is well received. Until next year… happy haunting.

Halloween 2014

Nosferatu Costume image

This year I went as the classic vampire Nosferatu… however I wasn’t willing to go the whole nine-yards to shave my head bald.

Happy Halloween!

love, Canned Butter

Another Year of Halloween Debauchery

Remember when you were younger and you wished Christmas or perhaps your birthday could happen twice a year? That’s surely how I feel about Halloween these days. Creativity flows with the spirits as everyone escapes normal life for a brief moment of jolliness. Is there a night of the year to find people in a better mood collectively? It really makes me think there should be a springtime occasion to match.
Oh well, until next year, here’s the photos that I was able to snap amidst the horror.
Cheerio all you crazy people.

The Beauty of a Live Soundtrack

I’ve found something I really take pleasure in these days. It’s a fading beauty that only can be experienced on rare occasions… and  (I’m sure for one main reason) this beauty always seems to surface towards the end of October here in Portland. No it’s not sucking crimson blood of nubile virgins…
live soundtrack performance is what I’m alluding to, and my pleasure began last year around this time with the Oregon Symphony providing a live performance to Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. Yesterday was an even odder occurrence. A Mt Tabor church actually showed the 1922 silent vampire film Nosferatu with organist Chris Nordwall providing the enchanting and creepy soundtrack. This organ was like a spaceship! Check out the photo. Nordwall had all his limbs in motion on this 32-pipe organ through the entire film weaving the bass rhythm with his left foot, controlling volume and modulation with his right, and filling in the melody and sound effects with his grabbers. Amazing work. It’s absolutely amazing how music can transmit emotion so effectively if one is open to the experience. Quite a treat. I love these live soundtrack performances. (Not to mention vampire movies in a churches.) Nice work Tabor Heights United Methodist Church.

Halloween Wrap-Up 2k10

I’m ready to unveil my Halloween 2k10 material, and boy was it a super marvelous funky happening about town this year. Here’s the picture story… I present it here in the ‘Time is Money’ version, but there’s also the ‘Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride’ slideshow which includes exciting captions for your intellectual pleasure.