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A Tired Joke

What is the difference between a poorly dressed man on a bicycle and a nicely dressed man on a bicycle?


A Good Pull

A blind woman once told me I was hung like a horse…


An Acro-yoga Joke

Acro Yoga image

In what way are poker and acro-yoga rather similar?


A Circus Joke

Pack of Creepy Clown image

What should you do if you are attacked by a pack of clowns?


A Rubber Joke

Tire Condom image

What is the difference between 1 tire and 365 used condoms?


A Joke to Make Your Mother Proud

How are drug-dealers and prostitutes different?


A Camelot Pun

Knights of the Round Table

Which of King Arthur’s Knights of the Roundtable first had the idea to make the table round?


A Political Science Joke

How should we have known that Communism would fail?


A Religiously Fit Joke

El Greco - Christ Carrying the Cross image

How did Jesus get soooo buff?


A Dad Joke

A dad joke image

How can you tell when a joke is a “dad” joke?