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La Femme – Hypsoline film short

Music in a foreign language can be a great thing. Sometimes, atleast for me, words get in the way of a nice piece of art. Whether you speak the language of love or not, this video speaks for itself. What a great little trip. Reminds me of high school. Definitely check out this band if you’ve never been introduced… such good jams.

Prince has left the building.

Prince Tribute image

A strange and horrible number of rocknroll greats are leaving us. Who will take up the reigns and continue the story? Put down your phone and learn to play guitar already, damn it.

Television Again

Onstage at the Star Theatre, Portland image
Telemundo Onstage image
I found my way to the stage again last night! This time it was at the Star Theatre here in Portland. Boy, oh boy, did it feel good— complete with a vaulted ceiling, laser lights, fog-machines, and a thumping bass guitar tone. The tribute band Telemundo played the Television set that we had played during Halloween last year: Marquee Moon for Halloween. We nailed our set well enough, and it was seemingly well-received by the crowd gathered for a Sunday night in downtown Portland. Exhilarating times! … even if it was playing cover songs. I take what the universe gives me.

Leggo Your Ego

Kanye versus Hendrix image

This was circulating ’round this morning. It’s an interesting comparison to say the least.

Top-notch Weeping

A buddy of mine reminded me of this a few months back, and I must admit I’ve revisited it almost once a week to watch the spectacle that Prince conjures as he mysteriously enters from stage-left to blaze the guitar solo for Harrison’s already classic tune. As many of us will recall Clapton actually played the original solo on the original White Album recording, and while I’m sure most people could replicate his weepy flavours, that slick m.f.-er Prince makes nods to that past but takes the lead guitar part to another planet. He’s just so damn slick… what’s more is that he somehow skates the line of cocky and modesty by just being cool.

The Black Squirrel has gone live!
Micky Subpage YouTube image

I just completed this website! Woohoo! Micky’s a great mate from my hometown who does it all in the craft of music. Performs, writes, records, teaches… and he’s a family man. My hat off to him. He wanted a simply website to be a gateway to his various endeavors in reality and cyberspace so with an efficient amount of collaboration we harmonized this bit of computer-code:

In order to maintain the simplicity I kept the “bells & whistles” out of sight for the most part. This includes an ever-present “hamburger” drop-down navigation and SoundCloud / YouTube feeds that are activated by buttons on the left in the sub-pages. Behind the scenes is a well developed thing called Roots to work the WordPress and Less compiled Bootstrap bliss to handle the aesthetics. RocknRoll.

Peepin’ on some Mo’Town

This is pretty cool.

Something I’ve always taken enjoyment in is listening to music and following along with the notation. For example Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is a fun one to follow as it flies about. It sort of brings a visual component to music. In our modern era I always thought one of the coolest things about the video-games “Guitar Hero” and “Rockband” was the visualization of the music.

The video I bring you today is more along the lines of the video-games’ course of action. It is the visualization of the tasty bass line played by the legendary motown low-end master James Jamerson on the track Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Such a delicious groove.

Marquee Moon for Halloween

Hallowmass 2014 flyer image

I’m pleased to report that I will be onstage this Halloween as I’ve been recruited to play bass guitar for a tribute show happening next weekend. Our little band will be performing tunes off the NYC band Television’s 1977 release Marquee Moon. I dare say it remains to this day a great piece of art for the ears. Check it out here and come see us perform selections from it next Saturday night at Club 21 here in Portland. No cover $$ too!

I’m torn on this one…

…because these little tikes are amazing, but then I wonder at how strict the program was that honed them to perform and sync up like this. Are they smiling because they’ve been told to or is it indeed joy fueling the ditty? I hope for joy because the performance is really something remarkable. The musicianship is pretty astonishing… check it out, just disregard politics.

New oldie

Hometown hero, Rick Nielsen, was recently asked about his top ten favorite guitar albums of all-time by MusicRadar, and this album was included. I can’t say I’ve ever taken note of Harvey Mandel previously, and I assume Rick probably did some jamming and jiving with Mandel back in the 60’s Illinois music scene so there’s got to be a bit of sentimentality with this choice but who cares? This album is tasty psych-blues done well like you don’t usually hear coming from a scrawny guy from Detroit. This track “Lights Out” and the rest have been on steady repeat since early this evening. Good grooves if you’re in the mood.