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Outside Lands Music Festival

What a frenzy of a Friday in San Francisco. The 9th of August in the year 2013… if there ever was a gooder Friday in my time I fail to recall it. 4 hours in that trench we sat… waiting for the knight. It was a feat of endurance and well worth the punishment. I never dreamed I’d see the whites of those Beatle eyes. But there he was. Honed and precise.

Wondrous Colour

Sometimes I joke with myself that colour is the thin thread that holds me sane. This morning I stumbled upon the Hindu festival of colour called Holi, appropriately enough. As far as I can tell there’s a couple of variations on the tale behind the celebration, but basically it is celebrated in March and signals the beginning of spring when life begins to bloom from out of the grey months of gloom. Looks like a messy good time to me. The video is from the largest celebration in the western hemisphere which happens in Utah. I’d love to check it out sometime.