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Pimm’s Panacea Party 2014

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Early on in my London adventures in one way or another I came to find that many of my Portland colleagues had never had the pleasure of indulging in a well crafted Pimm’s cup on a hot July night so I took it upon myself to organize a bit of a bash to initiate them into the culture. It all went down last night (not Wednesday as the flyer would have you believe). And before I even go into any of the sordid details, I’ll mention it was a fine bit of collaboration that made the night such a success. While hanging out front of the V & A museum I happened to catch a glimpse of Grace Kelly Song’s sketchbook, and a day later I asked her if I could use an illustration for the flyer. Thanks Grace! You’re a dear! I also must give a huge special thanks to Young Yoo for coming shopping with me on a blistering hot London afternoon and making the planning of a party feel like a party in itself. Young, thanks so much for your friendship and generosity in London! You’re one of the greats! There’s nothing like making new friends.

The party was a success. I mixed and poured Pimm’s all night and gladly handed over the bbq’ing responsibilities once more capable friends took interest with hungry bellies. Turns out Young and I shopped the perfect amount of eveything! Pimm’s, fruit, sausages, crisps, biscuits, and even fake ‘staches— minimal left-overs and not a frown in the crowd… except maybe security at the Don Gratton House. And now, no one leaving London will ever forget what a Pimm’s cup is all about. Victory!


Don't Die poster imageDon’t Die.
Vanity Poster imageA Waste of Precious Time
Remember Names poster imageAlways Remember…

Introduced in 1986, the Risograph is a digital high-speed printer. I liken it to a hybrid of lithography and a xerox machine. Instead of printing all colours at once like you would get today, the Risograph prints each colours individually. The result is a nice colour separation that feels imperfect and more unique from print to print. The quickness and ease of obtaining this effect has recently brought the Risograph back to popularity with print-makers and graphic designers. The old always becomes new again at some point!

Our project this week for our graphic design program was to develop a series of prints for the purpose of a group exhibition that was to occur very shortly. When I say shortly I mean our deadline to have prints in hand was something like 48 hours! Crunch time.

Throughout my European adventure I’ve been sketching and sketching and sketching. Mostly portraits I’ve found in the great galleries of the land: The Louvre, The Orsay, The Vatican, etc. Going into this Risograph project I instantly got the idea to use my sketches as the graphic basis for my prints. From this along with always trying to make meaningful work, a concept emerged to develop “travel tips” that I feel are actually important idioms to recall daily, but especially come to the forefront when traversing this great globe.

Sleep When You Die #13

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Sleep When You Die #13 image
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This edition is perhaps even bigger than the double feature last time around!

The adventure began with my need to do some laundry! haha. I went up to Islington, London last night to use some good friends’ appliances and that turned into some much overdue guitar playing on a third-story balcony as the sun sunk low in the UK sky. Then our party went out for some rocknroll at The Old Blue Last. The band was great! A female duo called Honey Blood and they brought it well. The venue was, however, not ideal. Jam-packed and stuffy as a toaster on a humid day. We didn’t last long. Soon we were back on the streets drinking beer and jiving. The nights ended with amazing bagels from an Uncle Nick’s place in Shoreditch. amazing late night snack-ums. Clean laundry was a big victory as well.

I took a 24-hour bus back to my quarters, showered, put on my new suit, and headed in the Queen’s direction. I shot some photos in the early morning hours as usual, and it was relaxing.

The special treat of the morning was that at 7:45am I had an appointment with a good friend for a special private viewing of 2 exhibitions at the Royal Academy of Arts over on Picadilly. Amazing! At 8am the place was our own! Unfortunately there was no photography allow – boohoo luvs! However, due to a bit of a lark / misunderstanding with the head security guard upon Lucy’s and my arrival, after our viewing the two exhibitions we had passes for this head of security invited us to go and have a view of the Dennis Hopper photography exhibit that wasn’t suppose to open until 10am. Tickets to this were an additional £11.50 each! Not to mention that we strolled through the entire exhibit by ourselves!! It was spectacular, and we felt like rockstars being escorted through the Academy to the exhibition at such an early hour. Lesson: It definitely pays to remain good-natured at all times. Exciting times here on the island, indeed.

London Dinner Adventure

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Two things led me on an adventure this evening in East End, London.

• I had a twenty pound note that I had to break to do some laundry
• I realized I hadn’t eaten protein in quite a number of days

So I set off to eat my first dinner out in Londontown. The area I’m staying in has to be the Islamic center of London so the food options are quite assorted. As I hit the street in dirty clothes, my instincts led me to walk up to two cool looking dudes outside a pub and ask for a restaurant suggestion. They told me to go to Needoo. So I went. Turns out it’s Punjabi cuisine.

When I stepped in the door it was a brightly lit extravaganza of waiters and maitre d’s rushing about. It was amazing how packed this place was at 9:30pm on a Wednesday night… good thing I brought a book of sorts. I tried to invite myself into an Asian group of three to dine and speed up my wait, but no dice. I ended up waiting probably twenty minutes. When I finally did get a table the host was quite apologetic, which was rather hospitable of him.

A recent Indian dinner with my old man in Portland was key to preparing me for this meal. Had I not had that opportunity back in June, I would’ve had no idea what was going on with the menu. However, I knew about naan! Mama mia. I went with Karahi gosht (Lamb), an order of Pilau rice, and a nice plate of Tandoori naan… and it was amaaaazing and fairly cheap. So there you go… Punjabi in London, baby.

Sleep When You Die #12

Abbey Road Studios entrance image
Abbey Road at Dawn image

Sleep When You Die!

Abbey Road at dawn!!

After Parliament I tubed up to St. John’s Wood for an old favorite: Good ol’ Abbey Road. It was peaceful and serene on the Saturday dawn. I lingered for a bit, I’ll admit. Your imagination just goes off if you let it— like looking up at the roof and seeing Lennon with Sir Georgle Martin lounging on a starry night or Ringo poppin’ up the walk to start a day’s work. I ended up strolling up the way and when I returned there was a dude at the crosswalk doing the exact thing I was doing. I went right towards him with one thing in mind, and he stole the queston right from me: Hey, would you mind snapping a photo of me? And so a random Chris guy from LA and I geeked out on Abbey Road photos for a few minutes and then we went our separate ways. Cheerio.

Sleep When You Die #11

Big Ben at Dawn image

Sleep When You Die!

Special London Double Feature!

After an amazing party up in Islington with some dear friends and some new friends from about 5 different countries… I drank some Yerba tea from Sri-Lanka and had no choice but to plow on through the night. So as soon as the tube started up this morning I was on it heading for Westminster.

Despite the gloomy, dull backdrop, Parliament was joyous! Hardly a soul around.

The Tate Modern in London

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A couple of colleagues and I broke away from the pack today and entered the Tate Modern Art Museum for a knock-about. Great thing about the galleries in London is that they’re free to the public… and it’s a world-class collection… after all it’s the Tate.

My colleagues went for the Matisse paper-cutout exhibition, but I knew I wanted to plant myself in front of a portrait and “escape” for a bit. This sketch came off pretty well. It drew a crowd of younger German students who I sat chatted with for a mome. Good times.

The Design Museum London

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Design Museum London Cities image
Architecture Model image

Our first class field-trip!

The museum was great, and it reminded me much of a past visit to a design museum in Copenhagen. The featured designers were architect Louis Kahn and designer Daniel Weil, and I must say it was a nice departure from all the fine art I’ve been digesting these days.