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Self Actualization

Oscar Wilde Quote image

The aim of life is self-development.
To realize one’s nature perfectly—
that is what each of us is here for.

– Oscar Wilde

Prince has left the building.

Prince Tribute image

A strange and horrible number of rocknroll greats are leaving us. Who will take up the reigns and continue the story? Put down your phone and learn to play guitar already, damn it.

Grandma Sophie Scott

Sophie Scott Tribute image

My greatest pen pal and the only biological grandparent I will know in this lifetime has left. As I’ve said before: death will always be hardest for those left behind. It is a sad time for the family, but I personally would rather take on sorrow than feel sympathy in the shadow of such a dear loved one’s suffering.

Grandma leaves behind a legacy of generosity. I would not be what I am today without her assistance and friendship. And for this I am honoured to move forward with the remembrance of what it means to be loved.

Think before you leap.

Albert Einstein image

If I had an hour to solve a problem, I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and 5 minutes thinking about solutions.

– Albert Einstein

Dial “M” for Mosaic

Hitchcock street art image
Psycho Mosaic image

In an eastern neighborhood of London called Leytonstone, a baby was born in 1899. That baby was given the name Alfred Joseph Hitchcock. Ever heard of him?

I caught wind that as tribute to this cinematic icon mosaics (17 in total) were created in the tunnels of the Leytonstone underground. Being the fan that I am, I decided to give my Oyster card a swipe and head out on the Central line to investigate.

It was a fun jaunt, and it made me crave popcorn and Grace Kelly.

Through The Big Door

The globe has lost another legend: Keyboardist / hit-maker, Ray Manzarek, of the iconic late 60s rock group The Doors has passed on to bigger and better things. That guy had some tasty voodoo in those fingers that’s for sure. Without him you surely wouldn’t be seeing Jim on any mass-produced posters or trees. Here’s one blaze of onstage glory to send Manzarek out:

Hold your tears.

After 82 years of dealing obesity Hostess is shutting its doors for good. Liquidation of company assets will commence and real estate in every convenience store and grocery snack section is opening up. I’ve definitely done my time with those lil’ chocolate donuts and quite a few Suzy-Q’s, but it’s all over now.

Check out the company’s announcement here.

Forget me not

The mobile age welcomes… the dead. As advances in technology continue to expand what we can do from the palm of our hand, a market has opened up even for the dearly departed. Applying QR codes to gravestones is what I mean. For a small fee a website can be set-up for the deceased accessible through the code and containing any sort of media found on the web these days. Photos, video, stories, memories. Scan the code from your smartphone and find out all about the former… the one that is now six feet below you. It’s an interesting idea to say the least. Next up, video monitor gravestones.