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A Tennis Joke

Tennis Couple image

Why should you never date a tennis player?


Giants game… check


“Ya gotta get to the ballpark,” everyone was saying when I arrived on the peninsula earlier this summer. Last night I made it out for a shit-sandwich of a game, but it was a great experience. Nothing like taking a ballgame in during a cool night where ever you may be on this globe. The Giants got creamed 10–5 thanks to a 7-run 5th inning by the Pirates, but you can’t win ’em all.

This ain’t no streetball.

so…. yeah.
I, your humble scribe, recently joined a city co-rec basketball league with a handful of me mates out here in RipCity.  I’m playing a lot of point guard these days all of a sudden… crazy throw-back to sophomore year of those adolescent times.  School and basketball.  Quite captivating how life can be circular.  It should be!  Who the hell wants a linear life????…  (click below)