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If survival is winning, then I have WON…

The pages and cover of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy image

at War & Peace

Good ol’ VD

A Bit of Valentine's Day Calligraphy image

Awwww – I had a reason to do some chasing this Valentine’s Day. I tell ya, there’s nothing like a bit of good ol’ inspirado.

Every year on the 14th day of February LOVE gets its DAY! As if during the rest of the days we throw LOVE on a back-burner. What if there was a day in our calendar called “Fear Day?” And every year on Fear Day everyone everywhere in association with Hallmark Corporation lived a day in rocognition of… FEAR. Would we throw fear on a back-burner for the rest of the year? Wouldn’t that be something!

MoMA Monet

Monet Water Lilies Perspective at MoMA image

Find a Monet, people, and stare into it until you can’t feel your feet, breathing deep and inhaling the luscious colour until you realize an afternoon has passed and you escaped time. There awaits God… or boredom!

He doesn’t need drugs… he is drugs!

Savador Dali eyeball gif

Salvador Dalí lives on.

1812 was quite a year in Europe.

War and Peace Pieces

Progress! I’ve almost completed the odyssey through War & Peace. I broke the 1200 page mark just last night. Funny thing is that this book was not intended to be so many pages. It would seem that is was actually divided up into much more digestible chunks/volumes. The compilation of the volumes between a single book-cover is what makes the task so daunting. The friend who inspired me to read the tome commented the other night that she had to put the book down simply because she was exhausted… from holding the book up in reading position! This is why from the start I separated my readings from the main. It’s something I started in London while riding the tube daily and reading Pride and Prejudice. It makes the book so much more portable. Surely one does not need all the pages at once! You just have to be diligent to retain order in the separations just in case a re-reading should become necessary!

I cannot say that many books affect me as much as this one has. Tolstoy is truly a wizard. I thought W. Sommerset Maugham was brilliant, and he got to me on various occasions throughout Razor’s Edge, Of Human Bondage, and even The Moon & Six Pence , but I’ve never experienced the tapping into human nature such as is available in War & Peace.

Competition and Peace

tolstoy_war_and_peace book cover image

I’ve picked up Tolstoy’s classic tome recently, and I’ve been slowly making my way through the torn out chapters during my bus commutes. ( I loathe lugging around tomes on a daily basis. )

The classic work is instantly engrossing. The classics surely never fade. One observation I’ve made: Men need competition. The problem with the male half of the species is that we simply lack the capacity to relate to each other in conversation like our female counterparts do naturally. “Competition” fills this void. There are competitive substitutes… mainly football, politics, and the weather (man vs nature) seem to be topics that men resort to in our modern age, but in Tolstoy’s novel war is the subject that everyone is willing to speak about. If I ever claim to know anything, it’s that history repeats itself. It’s just a thought this morning, and I realize it’s a rather under-developed notion here, but what’s a blog for after all?

Television Again

Onstage at the Star Theatre, Portland image
Telemundo Onstage image
I found my way to the stage again last night! This time it was at the Star Theatre here in Portland. Boy, oh boy, did it feel good— complete with a vaulted ceiling, laser lights, fog-machines, and a thumping bass guitar tone. The tribute band Telemundo played the Television set that we had played during Halloween last year: Marquee Moon for Halloween. We nailed our set well enough, and it was seemingly well-received by the crowd gathered for a Sunday night in downtown Portland. Exhilarating times! … even if it was playing cover songs. I take what the universe gives me.

An Unlikely Source

Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack art image
Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack title image

Money is a fool’s grasp at felicity’s apparition.

I stumbled upon this cartoon because I felt like watching cartoons while chowing spaghetti last night. The art direction is really amazing to start! A weird mix of line animation, watercolor, and imported textures makes this series really stand out. At times I was reminded of the ol’ Ren & Stimpy style that includes overt “Bambi eyes” and cut-away vignetted dramatic still frames.

Beyond the visual aspect I also really enjoyed the concept and the stories revolving around the main characters continuously stunted sense of adventure and the use of candy and sugar as a metaphorical vice that encapsulates a good majority of human-vices in competing in the world today. The wild card component to the series is that one of the lead characters, Captain K’Knuckles, is a artificial limbed creature with quite a sweet tooth. The episodes I saw did not include the character’s back-story which lead me to believe that wrapped up in this character is a clandestine commentary about diabetes. Odd stuff.

Anyhoo— the quote from above came out of one of the episodes I watched, and it struck me well as being poetic and provocative. It definitely sounded Shakespearean but following a minor Google search I conclude that it is some decent script writing on the part of the show. Impressive work for sure. I highly recommend the show for those times when nothing can satisfy like good ol’cartoons.

Sleep When You Die #7

The Eiffel Tower at Dawn photo
Paris Breakfast at Dawn photo

I’m in Paris!

I awoke at dawn this morning to serene Parisian streets. I never could imagine what “tourist season” meant until actually experiencing the hordes. The fact that there’s not a soul in this shot speaks volumes! It’s insane. So many people everywhere, and I was complaining about Portland. Yeah right. Baguettes, brie, and blueberry jam is back on the menu, ohhhhh mama.

Curse of the Last Residents

Patagonia-surfer photo
Patagonia-fly-fisher photo

The latest Patagonia catalogs have been appearing in my letter-box again. Curse of the last residents! They sure make life look fun. About a month ago I was dreaming about fly-fishing… as of this afternoon other endeavors have been kindled. Cool website – – they’re a pretty cool company. They’ve got me salivating. I can’t decide it that’s good marketing or horrible?? What would Bill Hicks say? RIP, baby. This is the most-dream-filled-somber post ever.