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Sleep When You Die #16 – Eel River Return

Sleep When You Die #16

Number 16 takes us down to the Redwood forests of Humboldt County, California, back to the banks of the Eel River for another rising of that great ball of combusting helium. Two years ago this very weekend I was at this rock that will henceforth be known as “Skinny-Dip Rock” as it is custom to name places of custom.

I awoke at 630am after a rowdy night around a campfire with some bay-area mates and after quickly packing a writing utensil and some calories, I headed off down that familiar 15-minute walk hike to the river. As I’ve said before, there’s places on this globe that just feel right to a soul, and this little swimming-hole is one of those. Arriving at this place transforms me into a kid again… without a care or worry in the world.

Patience is a virtue and so I waited for the golden light to finally pour over the tree-tops to set the serene river ablaze in green and aquamarine. When I discovered this place two summers ago, I did not have swimming trunks so I was forced to improvise. This time around, I had brought them but the scene was too tempting to not take the chance at that rare opportunity for complete freedom – haha. So as the light began to reflect and the waters become that much more inviting, I stripped down to my Caucasian bareness and entered the coolness, disturbing the peaceful waters so calm in the freshness.

Exhilaration! Life is good when you feel alive…
and so I say: Sleep when you die!

Badass Brompton Bikes of Britain

Me Upon A Brompton Folding Bike image
Howler Monkey Street Art image

OMG – Those are Howler Monkeys

Shepard Fairey Street Art image

OMG – It’s a Shepard Fairey!

Haring Banksy Street Art image

OMG – It’s a Banksy!

I’ve always been leery of these folding bike critters. They never really looked legit to me. However, very recently (during my university program here in London) I was a part of a street-art bike tour here in East End, London and these were the mode of transport. Perhaps I was sorely missing the experience of propelling through the atmosphere on two wheels, but these bicycles are bad ass! Amazingly comfortable, easy to pedal, light-weight, and just pure fun. Granted the selling price is rather steep, but once this graphic design degree finally starts paying off, I could easily see myself walking out of the flat with one of these in hand.

Incidentally, street-art is a huge thing in East End, London these days. I couldn’t believe how many tours our own crossed paths with during our afternoon excursion. Tourism brings in money… duh. So what if graffiti brings tourists? Graffiti becomes something of respectable artform that’s what. And it’s not hard to see how lenient authorities and building owners have become with graffiti/street-art in the streets of East End. It’s everywhere! And it’s tasty and tasteful… American cities will soon take note.

The tour we took was put on by these friendly ladies:, and they definitely get the Canned Butter stamp of approval!

Rembrandt’s Last Selfie

Kenwood House - Front image
Rembrandt's Last Selfie image
Kenwood House Landscape image
In a Kenwood Mirror image

I thought I had seen mansion previously, and then I went to Hampstead in the north of London. Wow, there’s some amazing homes up that way. Among them is Kenwood House, which is part of the “English Heritage” and is open to the public. Inside you’ll find Rembrandt’s final self-portrait. It’s an amazing bit of paint, and I loved how you simply walk into a room and there it is hanging upon the wall.

Actually Kenwood House is the closest my imagination has ever met reality to what a 19th century art gallery/salon must have been like. Gloriously majestic rooms with works of art adorning the walls like a priceless game of tetras. It was a nice departure from the galleries I’ve been haunting for the past month.

The ground of this palatial estate were equally impressive with rolling meadows of tame green grasses. Given the fine art and the beautiful August day, the only thing lacking was a muse of mine own and a picnic lunch.

Here’s some more info just incase you’d like to further your imagination: Kenwood House in Hampstead

Sleep When You Die #5

Lunar Eclipse Portland

Sleep when you die!

Yay a full lunar eclipse! I went out upon two wheels late last night for the peak of this rare occasion, and it was fantastic to see events of cosmic proportions playing out for us insignificant beings. With a bit of imagination in the stillness of the happening it was wonderful to imagine what was happening relative to my placement upon a grassy hillside. Tough to capture it all on camera. I couldn’t even see if the eclipse was in my camera lens so it was point and shoot, wait for the 60 second exposure, and see what gets caught. Good for posterity if nothing more. Until next time, let your light shine bright.

Camping on the Open Range

Madera Canyon Open Range

For years I’ve never been able to embrace wearing a timeless classic: the Carlsbad cowboy hat. I suppose, it was a rejection of a certain side of the culture I grew up in ’round dem rowdy parts of northern Illinoise. The cowboy hat was, to me, a symbol of drunk people getting sloppy to really awful music. Atleast they were having fun, I suppose.

Last weekend I escaped to the southern Arizona wilderness of the Santa Rosa Mountains, and I succumbed with dignity. Upon airport pickup by good mates, I received a gem in the backseat of that Rav4 as we barreled down the 202 in Phoenix. My first cowboy hat. The desert is no place for a cowboy without a hat.
And so I wore that cover until we met the conclusion of our adventure.

Click the photo or this link to check out the sights:

Santa Rita Mountain Escape March 2014

Occupy CannedButter

Things approached boiling point here in Portland Satuday night and into Sunday as hordes of police razed the downtown encampment of the Portland Occupy Movement. After watching the live stream from the Portland Occupy website all night long, I had to experience the energy for myself…

And so, Sunday I biked downtown to I lift my voice in the street with hundreds (perhaps 1,000) in the threat of tear gas and mace. There’s something about screaming that lifts you off. Adrenaline perhaps? There’s a psychological high like singing your heart out into a microphone. Check the photos and video through a click below and try to understand — and if you’re hungry… eat the rich!