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Sketchy in NYC

Lady Peel at the Frick Collection image
Lady in Gold Klimt at the Neueu Galerie
Picasso Bather Sketch at MoMA image
Picasso Gertrude Stein at the Met image

Go to the greatest galleries in the world and pass the time… this is how I like to live… how I connect with the past, live in the moment, and push on towards the future. Happy days.

MoMA Monet

Monet Water Lilies Perspective at MoMA image

Find a Monet, people, and stare into it until you can’t feel your feet, breathing deep and inhaling the luscious colour until you realize an afternoon has passed and you escaped time. There awaits God… or boredom!

Sleep When You Die #18 – New York City

Ethiopian Cuisine and Mobile Phones image

It’s the city that never sleeps, and I am exhausted. It was a birthday romp for me and most of my wishes came true with some unexpected bliss like singing a Bowie at a midtown karaoke, a Picasso sculpture exhibition at MoMA, finding the sacred custard creams in West Village, and eating brunch across from the mother from “The Wonder Years!” Bahaha

This morning I woke up early enough for this burnt out Down Under the Manhatten Overpass photo. The Dumbo neighborhood was my favorite. Amazing coffee at Brooklyn Roasting Co and sleepy cobblestone streets great for a wander on a lonely Sunday morning. Looking forward to a return for sure.