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Sleep When You Die #8

Sacre Coeur in Montmartre at Dawn Street Art
Sleep When You Die #8

I wandered the deserted streets of Monmartre at dawn after, judging by the debris in the streets, quite a rowdy Friday night. At the summit of the butte Montmartre and inside Sacré-Cœur Basilica, I paid my respects to love and loneliness. It was gloomy and it rained so I felt like an actor… the sunrise was not quite as picturesque as I had heard is possible in the dawn hours with the sun creeping onto beloved Paris, but c’est la vie! Upon my descent I slipped into a local boulangerie for an eclair and perhaps the greatest cannelés of life. Vive my sweet tooth.

Return to the Louvre

Goya sketch from the Louvre
Ingres Sketch from the Louvre
Scheffer Sketch from the Louvre
Raphael Sketch from the Louvre

I sketched the Louvre all day today. What a mess that scene was. I got there at opening, which is really the only way to go. I was there something close to 7 hours total, and I still couldn’t see it all. Mona looked as good as ever (even if it is a replica on display – haha ), but I was blown away by the Titian’s and the Ingres’. Those dudes could lay some oil.

Sketching in a museum presents a rare opportnity for me. It’s close to that feeling of being on stage playing rock-n-roll… curious people strolling through constantly glaring, comparing, and judging. It’s a strange pressure that I feel that becomes an inspiring motivation, again much like a performance. Anyhoo, these are the ones that came off well today. More to come hopefully. The Orsay will be tomorrow… but what will I do at dawn?