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Sleep When You Die #16 – Eel River Return

Sleep When You Die #16

Number 16 takes us down to the Redwood forests of Humboldt County, California, back to the banks of the Eel River for another rising of that great ball of combusting helium. Two years ago this very weekend I was at this rock that will henceforth be known as “Skinny-Dip Rock” as it is custom to name places of custom.

I awoke at 630am after a rowdy night around a campfire with some bay-area mates and after quickly packing a writing utensil and some calories, I headed off down that familiar 15-minute walk hike to the river. As I’ve said before, there’s places on this globe that just feel right to a soul, and this little swimming-hole is one of those. Arriving at this place transforms me into a kid again… without a care or worry in the world.

Patience is a virtue and so I waited for the golden light to finally pour over the tree-tops to set the serene river ablaze in green and aquamarine. When I discovered this place two summers ago, I did not have swimming trunks so I was forced to improvise. This time around, I had brought them but the scene was too tempting to not take the chance at that rare opportunity for complete freedom – haha. So as the light began to reflect and the waters become that much more inviting, I stripped down to my Caucasian bareness and entered the coolness, disturbing the peaceful waters so calm in the freshness.

Exhilaration! Life is good when you feel alive…
and so I say: Sleep when you die!

Well, what do ya know?…

String Arcade Cover Art image
BJB Photo Credit image

Last summer while working as a production assistant for DoF Media down in San Fracisco, one of the gigs I worked on was the filming of a symphonic recording session in a fairly well designed Presbyterian church. The occasion was to produce media for the Kickstarter campaign of the recently released “String Arcade”, a collection of video-game themes performed by a string-quartet. Throughout this particular session I had snapped some photos of the performance, and the cool thing is that one image was picked to be used in the liner notes with a credit to you know who. Sweeeet. Check out the project if you need some reading tunes or some throwback dinner music perhaps… or just listen and give something your full attention, you multi-tasking maniac.

Stream it for free from Bandcamp: The String Arcade

Raising the Barre

magento_logo_yoga_position image

I started work on updating a yoga apparel design company down in San Fran this weekend. Prima Studio is the name, and it’s been a great workout working with an eCommerce site. The website is built on the CMS, Magento, which is currently what sites like The North Face and Office Max are using to handle their online operations, and it looks the whole thing is actually owned by Ebay, Inc. Impressive. Great experience points for the long-run, most definitely. Back to work I go.

DoF Media – San Francisco

DoF Media San Francisco

I’ve finally ended this project. A big celebration is in order. It was a rather tedious build as issues consistently kept arising that I had thought I had accounted for. The biggest problem was how to present video media in a manner that retained its quality in a responsive environment. I did this by using images as place-holders in a percentage-based grid that could easliy resize as necessary. This images then simply linked to the video using a lightbox interface. The simplicity of this also allowed for the frames to easily be updated by the client in the future as new content is created.

Cure for the fog.

still life of espresso cup

I’m back in PTown! Yay! San Francisco was great, and I figured I’d post a couple great spots I stumbled upon for espresso for the sake of posterity (greatness in coffee was a bit lacking – sorry S.F.).

Upon asking locals for the spot to get the best everyone consistently offered up the name Blue Bottle. We’re talking about 90% of people polled had this spot at the top of their list. Incidentally I did not make it there. However, here’s where I did get to:

  • Chestnut Street Coffee Roastery @ 2331 Chestnut St up in the posh Marina District. (no website! ouch). Great espresso! Forget the neighborhood and focus on this shop.
  • Matching Half Cafe @ 1799 McAllister: Tied for 1st in my book is this little stuck-up spot in the North of Panhandle neighborhood. The deliberately slow service is worth the wait (patience is a virtue) for the bean nectar that finds its way to those tiny cups.

Since I was in the Outer Richmond staying I also have to give a nod to Simple Pleasures as well as Zephyr Cafe. Zephyr seemed to be a bit more consitent than Simple P’s, but the atmosphere of Simple P’s kept bringing me back and on a good day the caffeine that was to be found there was exquisite.

Sleep When You Die #4

Sleep When You Die #4 photo

Sleep when you die!

SanFran’s Palais des Artes at a gloomy, rainy dawn.

Flower power.

At more than a century old, The Conservatory of Flowers is a gem of Victorian architecture nestled in the east side of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Cheap to visit and priceless fun with a camera of any quality. Visually there’s plenty to take in, but there’s also scents of tropical vegetation throughout that can really draw you away and allow for forgetfulness of the hustle and bustle awaiting you on the outside.

Pinback @ The Fillmore: San Francisco

Another on my list of things to do before I leave SF was to visit the legendary concert venue: The Fillmore West. Thanks to a good friend that item was checked off this very night. Pinback was in town this evening, and a backstage pass assured me a great seat and plenty of fuel for my rock-n-roll imagination to channel the spirits of a tales of long-gone. Big thanks to Theory of Obscurity: A movie about The Residents and Rob from Pinback for getting me a killer seat and for making sure my hand was never lacking a beverage. Cheers to that.

Giants game… check


“Ya gotta get to the ballpark,” everyone was saying when I arrived on the peninsula earlier this summer. Last night I made it out for a shit-sandwich of a game, but it was a great experience. Nothing like taking a ballgame in during a cool night where ever you may be on this globe. The Giants got creamed 10–5 thanks to a 7-run 5th inning by the Pirates, but you can’t win ’em all.

Outside Lands Music Festival

What a frenzy of a Friday in San Francisco. The 9th of August in the year 2013… if there ever was a gooder Friday in my time I fail to recall it. 4 hours in that trench we sat… waiting for the knight. It was a feat of endurance and well worth the punishment. I never dreamed I’d see the whites of those Beatle eyes. But there he was. Honed and precise.