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Sleep When You Die #15 – Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver, BC Downtown Skyline at Sunrise image
Vancouver, BC Downtown Skyline at Sunrise image

I set out as day was breaking and the sky was ripening to that Monet-esque purple that I’ve scene at least 14 times before. I was staying in the West End neighborhood right on the east edge of Stanley Park overlooking Lost Lagoon so I started walking north along the famous seawall up and around Coal Harbour.

As the sun rose I was reminded of how Rome basked at dawn with all of its marble and limestone building materials that shined in the new day light. Being more modern than that ancient city, Vancouver boasts a towering skyline that looks to be nothing but glass at any great distance. And so on the morning of 2015’s summer solstice with little cloud coverage for a filter, the downtown scene dazzled… absolutely dazzled. As if this wasn’t enough, moments later a massive ocean liner entered the bay to add some balance to quite a brilliant panoramic photo-op.