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Happy Crimble 2018

christmas 2018 image
christmas 2018 image

Christmas is here again! Christmas carols mark the occasion this year. I’ve strummed and sung more this year than ever before. It reminds of the past when I’d haul my guitar over to Grammy’s trailer and try to coax relatives into singing around the big screen tv. I miss Grammy.

I rewrote a few lyrics this year to save people from singing Jesus, Lord, and Holy shite. My favorite were to the tune of Angels We Have Heard on High:

Come to the Northwest and see

Heaven on earth the angels sing;

Come, adore on bended knee,

Moss beneath the Doug Fir trees.
Glo————— ria, in excelsis Deo!
Glo————— ria, in excelsis Deo!
See Him in a manger laid,

Sheets of cotton, none of hay;

Magic babe and flying deer.

Lights and booze make it not weird.

Use your imagination for good.

Worry is a misuse of your imagination images

A quote that I gave a decorative treatment to recently for a friend. For years I’ve tried to drill this into the brain of my worrisome mother.

Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas calligraphy 2016
Merry Christmas calligraphy 2016

Someone please remind me why we buy a bunch of useless crap for people each year at this time?!?! I wish I could be ignorant sometimes. Like to be oblivious to not only all the previous crap from last year that people will be filling landfills with to make use of this years new crap, but also all the trees that were needed to create the miles of wrapping paper needed to wrap all this crap up in order to present some symbiotic emotional high for gift-giver and receiver.

I did recently come across some interesting information concerning the real reason for the season. Apparently way back during the ancient Egyptian civilization the observers of the sky began to correlate the Winter Solstice with another occasion that has had lasting effects upon our own civilization:

The shortest day of the year each time around is the Winter Solstice. Most of us know this to be true as it is the point in the Earth’s orbit in which the Northern Hemisphere is tilted furthest away from the the life-giving rays of the sun. Now it just so happens that around this time Sirius, the brightest star in the eastern night sky, became perfectly aligned with the three stars that comprise the belt of the constellation Orion. Furthermore, Sirius and these three stars of the belt, historically referred to as the Three Kings, in line all pointed to the location on the eastern horizon to where the sun was born the following morning. This sun was said to be the saviour because in the preceding months up until the Summer Solstice light would shine longer eventually bringing warmer temperatures and the essential growing season. With no other forms of entertainment such as gift unwrapping or football, this occasion was as epic as they came for the ancient civilization. So epic that myths were ingrained into cultures long before any myth of a virign, baby, and three wise men ever began to be told.
Believe or not.

Climate Change Has Arrived

Climate Change is Real image

After seeing the Leonardo DiCaprio doc “Before the Flood” I felt compelled to create something to send out across the social media streams. It’s hard to be optimistic about the future the more one goes out and learns about how horrible we as an infectious species treats our beautiful planet. Amazing creatures are being erased because of our stupidity. Sadly, like I always say, tragedy will forever be the greatest catalyst from change. What will the tragedy be that finally drives change though? That’s the scary part. Will humanity allow for the scene from Hieronymous Bosch’s third panel of “The Garden of Earthly Delights” to transpire before people wake up. It is arguable that we’re pretty close as it stands now.

Stop it already.

Worry is a waste of the imagination. image

I suppose it’s your life… and you’re going to do what you want.

I suppose you want to worry and you want to waste your mind.

Keeping the chops up.

Happy Birthday Calligraphy

I had a birthday party to attend last night…

And I hate showing up to such affairs empty handed.

The Day After…

Choose Love Daily image

Let’s all make good conscious decisions from here on out.

Paying the bills.

New GTS Logo image
Former GTS Logo image

One of my first assignments as the in-house designer at my new gig was to rebrand the company to inject new spirit into an organization in need of some fresh air. The original logomark as you can see incorporated a triangle motif along with the quintessential corporate blue colour scheme. The new logo I created positions the company to move beyond the glass industry as a point-of-sales provider. This intent is conveyed by the usage of a credit-card projecting towards the future while the triangular shape gives a nod to the past. I also freshened up the color pallet while softening the typeface by tweaking good ol’ Helvetica. People around the office seem to like it, and this has beneficial effects on the outcome! Next task is website work. Onward ho!


Great website for some typographic inspirado:

Contributors include:

  • Andrei Robu
  • Dan Cassaro
  • Darren Booth
  • and more!!

Lookin’ out for numero uno.

What we have here is an infographic. Mashable Infographics presents horrifying (and in a few cases slightly hilarious) data regarding cyber-crime these days. The numbers are high. Notes to yourself should be to create secure passwords!