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La Femme – Hypsoline film short

Music in a foreign language can be a great thing. Sometimes, atleast for me, words get in the way of a nice piece of art. Whether you speak the language of love or not, this video speaks for itself. What a great little trip. Reminds me of high school. Definitely check out this band if you’ve never been introduced… such good jams.

Top-notch Weeping

A buddy of mine reminded me of this a few months back, and I must admit I’ve revisited it almost once a week to watch the spectacle that Prince conjures as he mysteriously enters from stage-left to blaze the guitar solo for Harrison’s already classic tune. As many of us will recall Clapton actually played the original solo on the original White Album recording, and while I’m sure most people could replicate his weepy flavours, that slick m.f.-er Prince makes nods to that past but takes the lead guitar part to another planet. He’s just so damn slick… what’s more is that he somehow skates the line of cocky and modesty by just being cool.


Just came across this today on the ol’Facebook. Seemed like a worthy post.

Peepin’ on some Mo’Town

This is pretty cool.

Something I’ve always taken enjoyment in is listening to music and following along with the notation. For example Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue is a fun one to follow as it flies about. It sort of brings a visual component to music. In our modern era I always thought one of the coolest things about the video-games “Guitar Hero” and “Rockband” was the visualization of the music.

The video I bring you today is more along the lines of the video-games’ course of action. It is the visualization of the tasty bass line played by the legendary motown low-end master James Jamerson on the track Ain’t No Mountain High Enough. Such a delicious groove.

I’m torn on this one…

…because these little tikes are amazing, but then I wonder at how strict the program was that honed them to perform and sync up like this. Are they smiling because they’ve been told to or is it indeed joy fueling the ditty? I hope for joy because the performance is really something remarkable. The musicianship is pretty astonishing… check it out, just disregard politics.

A Good Laugh or Cry

If you don’t know Bill Hicks, then allow me to introduce the two of you:

Shadowing Awareness


This was a project I put together to try and spark awareness in bicyclists and pedestrians. By defining issues that I have observed over the course of my life in Portland, I was able to devise simple “tongue-in-cheek” messages that I made into stencils for the purpose of turning into public art that would be read on the streets as people passed over them. These messages included such as:

  • (for negligent j-walkers) “Atleast look both ways before breaking the law”
  • (for illogical bicyclists) No helmet? Hooray for Obama care!

I cut these stencils out of plastic using a laser-cutter and Adobe Illustrator, and I used shadow fonts to reduce that standard “stencil” look that is needed to retain letterforms. My paint was a mixture of corn starch, water, and food coloring, which washed away with one good Portland downpour. Victory!

You can view the video here

10 Bullets to Bite On

I’m loving these videos. Designer Tom Sachs has put together the “10 Bullets” to follow in order to work to code in his studio… but as is usually the case with the good stuff the bullets can easily be applied to life outside of this one NYC studio.

Need Some Joy?

Here was a part of my night. Mumsy would be proud. I’ve always enjoyed following along with sheet-music to rocknroll and classical music. Rhapsody in Blue is a fun one too. This version of the 9th has all the German lyrics subdivided into the different choral sections. It’s really nice to hear and see it all come together in those final throws of joyous Godspark.

Also the soloists aren’t stepping all over each other, which makes for a rather nice performance of the 4th movement if this your kind of thing… so enjoy… perhaps.

Meet the Loom

    Here’s a bit of computer animation that’ll make you feel small. Pretty amazing work.