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The Black Squirrel has gone live!
Micky Subpage YouTube image

I just completed this website! Woohoo! Micky’s a great mate from my hometown who does it all in the craft of music. Performs, writes, records, teaches… and he’s a family man. My hat off to him. He wanted a simply website to be a gateway to his various endeavors in reality and cyberspace so with an efficient amount of collaboration we harmonized this bit of computer-code:

In order to maintain the simplicity I kept the “bells & whistles” out of sight for the most part. This includes an ever-present “hamburger” drop-down navigation and SoundCloud / YouTube feeds that are activated by buttons on the left in the sub-pages. Behind the scenes is a well developed thing called Roots to work the WordPress and Less compiled Bootstrap bliss to handle the aesthetics. RocknRoll.

Raising the Barre

magento_logo_yoga_position image

I started work on updating a yoga apparel design company down in San Fran this weekend. Prima Studio is the name, and it’s been a great workout working with an eCommerce site. The website is built on the CMS, Magento, which is currently what sites like The North Face and Office Max are using to handle their online operations, and it looks the whole thing is actually owned by Ebay, Inc. Impressive. Great experience points for the long-run, most definitely. Back to work I go.