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Climate Change Has Arrived

Climate Change is Real image

After seeing the Leonardo DiCaprio doc “Before the Flood” I felt compelled to create something to send out across the social media streams. It’s hard to be optimistic about the future the more one goes out and learns about how horrible we as an infectious species treats our beautiful planet. Amazing creatures are being erased because of our stupidity. Sadly, like I always say, tragedy will forever be the greatest catalyst from change. What will the tragedy be that finally drives change though? That’s the scary part. Will humanity allow for the scene from Hieronymous Bosch’s third panel of “The Garden of Earthly Delights” to transpire before people wake up. It is arguable that we’re pretty close as it stands now.

Can’t decide which one I feel like…

I quit my job gif

this guy or little girl… I quit my design/development job recently and today was my last day. I was there almost exactly a year to the day. I feels good to walk away from something that is not right, but then there is the unknown to deal with. Can’t tell if I should celebrate or knock myself out. Tomorrow I’m on the rebound.

A Neutral Joke:

Switzerland Flag image

What is the greatest part about living in Switzerland?


The Decline

The Decline of Western Civilization image

I came across this “philosophy” today on the ol’internets, and all I could think was: I wonder how the world will look in 100 years? Well, there’s definitely going to be a lot less Caucasians running about mucking things up.

Now we have a meal.

Straight out of Japan it’s……

Canned bread!

This is a special day at Canned Butter.

Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Eject Button’

If you haven’t heard the whole story then I’ll briefly summarize: A phone of a murdered school girl was hacked by someone inside the News Corporation mega-machine and founder/CEO Rupert Murdoch is denying any knowledge of the situation. Whatever Rupert. Here’s the summary of the scandal if you’re really interested: Reuter’s Quick Guide to the Scandal.

Anyhoo- This morning after 2 hours of being grilled by members of British Parliament the 80-year Murdoch was attacked! Oh my! What was he attacked with? A plate of shaving foam? Seems kind of fishy here at CannedButter. Seems like a perfect way to drum up attention, suspend the hounding of authority’s questions, garner possible sympathy points for an octogenarian that was beginning to crack on the witness stand, and make his wife (who struck the “assailant”) a hero. Wow. Nice play there ol’bean! How does a guy get into British Parliament with a plate and a can of shaving-foam?!?!?!? How much did Murdoch pay this guy to attack him in order to escape questioning for the day? Foam?!?!?!?! Well, what else can an 80-year be safely attacked with? Murdoch didn’t even flinch when a strange man came at him with a plate of white mess inside British Parliament! And the world is thinking he didn’t know what was coming? What a circus this whole thing is!

Media Journal

For the past 8 weeks I’ve been habitually following the country of Thailand in the periodical BBC News in order to report upon my readings weekly for a class I’m currently taking.  Hence the title “Media Journal”.  The following is my conclusion or wrap-up for the assignment.  I suppose the piece illustrates a nice example of a sort of coincidence that often occurs within our lives as if to say, “you’re on the right path, don’t ever doubt that”, and this is the reason I’ve posted it tonight.  (click below)

Smoke and Mirrors

This story seems really sketchy to me. There was a time when I would’ve pondered it a little longer, but nowadays I’ll simply paste it here on CannedButter for posterity.  “Computer hackers have breached the systems of the company that runs the Nasdaq stock exchange in New York but did not penetrate the part of the system that handles trades, Nasdaq said Saturday.” – The NewYork Times, 5 February, 2011

What difference does it make that trades weren’t affected!!?!?! Information is all that’s needed these days. Filthy pigs after bacon.

article from the NewYork Times

Shocking News From… An Electrician

Just as I posted yesterday’s info this story surfaced this morning. I’m a sucker hardcore for coincidence.
271 pieces given to the electrician as a gift!?!? Sounds rather fishy Mr.ElectricMan. I just want to lay my peepers on these gems. 271 pieces! Holy Guernica!

BBC world news:

War and Peace

In a world of constant comparisons I bring this one to the table…
Remember 11 September, 2001?
With those memories in mind, consider the exact opposite of those happenings on that fateful day…

Need some assistance?…

…A new decade begins with a bang. I wonder how this looked from space?

Without further ado, I give you the antithesis of 9/11: