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Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016 - Uncle Fester image
Halloween 2016 - Uncle Fester Costume image

It was an Addam’s Family Halloween this year! I was invited to a themed-party and upon hearing there was yet to be an Uncle Fester rsvp, I replied saying I’d give it a go. I’ll tell you this: A bald cap is a tough endeavor. I had no choice but to get a haircut following the party due to the spirit gum sticky-shit that holds the baldness in place. What hell. I’m sure it’ll be easier next time if I ever go for the cue ball look again, but this first time was no joy ride. I wrapped my self in bubble wrap to buld up a bit as well. I’m pleased to report that the party was a a bash and my costume is well received. Until next year… happy haunting.

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