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Sleep When You Die #24 – Sydney, Australia

Sleep When You Die #24 image
Sleep When You Die #24 image

Time flies when you’re paying bills, and it’s been a long while since #23 in Granada, Spain. However, hard work has paid off, and I currently find myself down under in Sydney, Australia. What a city! Everyone is pleasant. There’s no litter anywhere. The urban green-spaces are each some sort of Terabithia. And everything I’ve eaten or drank has been top-notch on the ol’ palette. They even have custard creams!!!!! I love it here!

Keeping with my little tradition to forego sleep in lieu of a photo op, I slipped out into the calm AM darkness to hoof it up to the infamous Sydeny Opera House for the spilling of fresh light into a new day. It was so lovely I might do it again tomorrow morning. Sleep when you die, mates.

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