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Tea Time Problem… Solved

Samir Sufi's Teacup SlingsHot

Now here is a product that I’ve been dreaming of designing for a long time. Similar to many out there, every time my tea is ready to go I always find myself doing the spoon squeeze for my Earl Grey peace of mind. I also have seen a silicon gripper that sort of resembles a miniature hot mitt for use in literally grabbing the tea bag for a squeeze. However this product, the tea cup slingsHot, seems to solve the problem nicely by integrating the desired action into the cup itself. Brilliant! So simple. The cup design looks fairly elegant as well, and I’m sure that’ll improve as well as hopefully the product gains popularity. I’d love to get my hand around one of these this morning.

It doesn’t look like these are available for purchase yet,but check out the original post at YankoDesign

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