Canned Butter

When I grow up I want to be an Alfredo Jaar.

Super interesting conceptual artist working to affect people on really broad scales.  Here he gives the presentation of his work at an MIT lecture.  Below the clip is my write-up on the presentation which I better get an A on.

Artist: Alfredo Jaar – It is Difficult
The first and most crucial element of Alfredo Jaar’s talent is his ability to initially establish a problem. This then allows for the opportunity to focus creativity upon a single point much like the burning of ants with a magnifying glass. – The ant representing the problem. Let it burn I say.
Jaar is a Chilean transplant that works as a conceptual artist that creates awareness with his installations on municipal, national, and global scales. He considers himself an architect creating art, and his process illustrates this background quite clearly. Much like a jewelry designer friend of mine or drummer Nick Mason, Jaar’s work is built from the ground up. Or perhaps it can be said that his projects, although sometimes, failing function like a living idea in that they’re birthed and they live and then they are put to death sometimes by fire. Take for example the milk-carton museum he constructed in a Swedish town that was “owned” by the world’s largest paper mill. The museum was torched after a huge positive reception of this city cultural building in order to inspire the town to build their own. The end result of this project is the inspiring of an entire town. Quite a large result I argue.
Through projects like his Rwanda postcards, the anti-advertising Rwanda campaign, and the multiple other projects on the topic his ability to spread awareness on an issue is truly remarkable. His results affect the human condition by relating to people’s own personal realities. His target is the audience and his aim is at their heads and hearts, and his goal is to hit every person in that audience. Attack their imagination, but as architect Alex Jordan Jr. once said, “Entertain them, entertain them, entertain them.”
Alfredo Jaar is definitely on my radar for future visits to our city.

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